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Join our team: Become a Life Coach

By Sam Baker
Co-director, Rising Scholars

For many of us, high school marked a turning point in life. It was the beginning of a lifelong journey of discovering who we were, figuring out what the world was like, and finding our place in it. It was a confusing time for most of us. And, if we’re honest, the last thing on our minds was getting good grades. That said, it took the guidance and encouragement of mentors in the form of parents, teachers, coaches, youth pastors, and others to help us navigate our adolescence. They reminded us to look forward and to focus on the endless possibilities and opportunities that awaited us on the other side of graduation.

Although the world is a completely different place than it was back then, high school is just as, if not more, confusing for our students. They need guidance while they try and make sense of the world and encouragement as they begin to dream and craft a future story for themselves. They need you and me.

This is the heart behind the “Life Coach” volunteer position within City Gospel Mission’s new youth program, Rising Scholars. Rising Scholars is a career readiness program for high school students based at their local church.

The Life Coach role

The life coach fills a critical role within the program. The life coach is a volunteer from the community who is paired with a Rising Scholars site to offer assistance with activities, help lead small group discussions, and provide compelling real-life examples of decision making and career planning.

We equip students by helping them answer 3 important questions:
1. Who has God made me to be?
2. What does He want for my life?
3. How does He want me to get there?



This is an opportunity for you to come alongside high school students during this confusing time and inspire them to dream beyond their current circumstances by using examples from your own life. Because, the secret to getting students to care about school is getting them to dream past it. It’s getting them to become so enamored with who they could be and what they could have in the future that they are willing to sacrifice in the here and now.

Learn more

Consider becoming a life coach and help invest in the next generation of leaders. We need 10 life coaches for the upcoming school year and time is running out. Will you answer the call?

Join us at the City Gospel Mission campus (1805 Dalton Ave., 45214) for an info session Thursday, July 18 (7 p.m.-8 p.m.) or Tuesday, July 23 (7 p.m.-8 p.m.)

To learn more, click here to visit our website or contact Carole at cstrecker@citygospelmission.org or 513-345-1044.

Sam Baker is the co-director of Rising Scholars. He can be reached at sbaker@citygospelmission.org or 513-345-1042.

7 Responses to “Join our team: Become a Life Coach”

  1. Seraunna Smith

    I would like to become a life coach. I understand it would be volunteering, but would there be a way to exchange volunteering for shelter? I am waiting to hear back from a job. I am a single mom getting back on her feet (just completed more college courses).

  2. Tim Curtis

    Tim Curtis

    Hi Lydia. Thanks for reaching out. I will pass this along to our Rising Scholars Co-Directors – Sam Baker and Carole Strecker.

  3. Lydia Butler

    I am a Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist and have been since 2009. I also have a Teaching Certificate and have used it to create Curriculums from books for classes that I was teaching. I also teach relaxation techniques. I include my self in the classes that I teach when nessecesary. Becoming a Life Coach In Your Next Group Of Classes I Would So Love To Do. Please feel free to call me (513)399-2747. I am also a Licensed Evangelist.

    Thank You

  4. Tim Curtis

    Tim Curtis

    Hi Holly. Thanks for your interest in helping our students! I will pass this along to our Rising Scholars Co-Directors – Sam Baker and Carole Strecker. They will best be able to answer your questions.

  5. Holly Thomasson

    Hi. I would like a little more information on the Life Coach program. I am a former middle school teacher and homeschooling parent. Do you have any more information sessions coming up?

  6. Joyce Mellott

    This sounds like an opportunity in which I’d like to participate. I will be at the info session and pray to see if it will work. My worry is the time factor and my capacity.
    I love what Rising Scholars is and is doing.

  7. Kelly Wilson

    Love the video and the work that is done with Rising Scholars. Friends and colleagues please come and learn more about the program.

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