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Gayle & Madison

Over the past 5 years, Maddie’s mentor Gayle has seen her at her lowest. Dyslexia. Depression. Doubt. Fear. So sitting on a bench at the University of Cincinnati during the senior’s first college visit, reflecting on how far Maddie has come, Gayle was overcome with emotion. “There have been a lot of ups and downs,…

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Tyler’s Story

The changes in Tyler’s life, socially and academically, show what can happen through a positive mentoring relationship between a caring adult and an at-risk youth. Tyler used to be a shy boy with poor grades. When Jackie became his Whiz Kids tutor and mentor, that all changed. Before he joined Whiz Kids, Tyler says, “I…

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Stories of Hope / Whiz Kids / Youth / Youth Mentoring /

Sabrina’s Story

Whiz Kid Sabrina recently was asked by her eighth-grade teacher to list three heroes for a writing assignment. Here is what she wrote: “My mentor, because she is always there for me. (Teaching assistant) Mr. Hill, because he has had problems like me and helps me. The Lord, because He is always there for me, and…

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Norvelin’s Story

“I was scared of reading. Then I learned to read a lot better because of Whiz Kids.” For Norvelin, the impact Whiz Kids tutoring is having on his life goes much deeper than just learning how to read better. It’s impacting his entire family positively. Norvelin often interprets for his parents. They are from Guatemala…

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