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An Easter to Remember for Thomas

“This Easter meant a lot to Thomas. Like all of our shelter guests, he came to us for a meal and a place to stay. Eventually, after interactions with staff, class instructors, and counselors, he wanted to get baptized. As a boy his mother taught him that you must wear a suit to church on…

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Shane’s Story

I suffered a house fire and lost everything. City Gospel Mission helped me get on my feet with personal belongings, clothing, toiletries, things like that. They helped me with a lot of spiritual grounding. I was shaken up. The faith-based classes were very helpful to help through the sense of loss. The classes help you…

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New president: God remains in charge

  I am incredibly excited, enthusiastic, and humbled to become President of City Gospel Mission and to lead such a venerable organization. I express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Roger Howell, who has led City Gospel Mission for the past 30 years. During Roger’s tenure, City Gospel Mission has experienced significant growth and expansion of…

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A tribute to Robert Lindner

  The most important thing to Bob Lindner was his love for God and the next was his love for people. He was genuine and cared for everyone he met. He really was larger than life. Bob was a faithful supporter of City Gospel Mission. He blessed the people we serve with his generosity for…

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