We want to be able to share in your needs and pray for you and with you for our community! Please post any prayer requests you have below.

7 Responses to “Message Board for Prayer Requests”

  1. Joy

    Please pray for my sister’s family – her 50 year old brother in law died last night from the COVID-19 virus – they cannot be together to mourn and are in so much pain.

  2. Casey Ragan

    Please pray for my family friend JoAnne Kennedy as she recently received some devestating medical news. Pray that God puts His “ super” on her “ natural” thank you!

  3. Tim Coulson

    Please remember to pray for the elderly that were already along and with the Coronavirus they are completely isolated.

    Also remember those that are losing loved ones during this pandemic. They aren’t able to hold or attend funerals as they normally would have.

    Finally, the healthcare workers and other volunteers that will help us through this time.

  4. Dina Wisecup

    Please pray for my Son Alex Wisecup. He is a Staff sergeant in the Marines. He is guarding the embassy in Rome. He has been overseas for ten years and was due to come back to the states in April.

  5. Julie

    Please pray for my mother. She is not doing well. Bi am her caregiver and I also need a prayer. Thanks.

  6. Josh C

    Pray for small business owners who are struggling to make it through with little or no profits.

  7. Paul

    Pray for friends and neighbors who are not receiving a paycheck right now.

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