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Jackie Robinson and City Gospel Mission

  During this Black History Month, we want to celebrate and share a story about the iconic Jackie Robinson, who broke Major League Baseball’s color barrier, and how he is linked to City Gospel Mission. There’s a statue in Brooklyn, N.Y., of a scene during a Brooklyn Dodgers-Cincinnati Reds game that may or may not…

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Sarah: A new work of God

  There is a story behind every person. Thoughts behind their expressions. Emotions behind their feelings, and a soul beneath their skin. Sarah’s story of her miraculous journey is one of many stories that too often go untold. Sarah is shy and reserved, and without her telling her story, you would never know the trials…

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Victor’s victory

  It is often said that actions speak louder than words. If so, Victor’s story is louder than it appears in print. Victor doesn’t spend much time talking about what he is going to do. He just does it. Nor does he spend much time talking about his recovery and the spiritual transformation that made…

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