No (Growing) Pain, No Growth

Precious Jones

Erlanger Baptist Church in Erlanger, Ky., is entering its seventh year as a Whiz Kids site. However, just last year they experienced growing pains after facing a decision: remain comfortable by choosing what was easy or embrace change and the … Continued

Daryl’s heart is at home

Tim Curtis

As he bounced from place to place – staying in shelters, with a friend, with a cousin – Daryl grew so depressed he wanted to end his life. “I came close to stepping in front of a car and ending it.” But … Continued

Crosley Field Historic Site opening

Tim Curtis

We are happy to announce that the opening of the Crosley Field Historic Site is Wednesday (June 8) at 11 a.m. at our campus (1805 Dalton Ave.). In 2015, we moved to the property that was the Cincinnati Reds’ home from 1912-1970. For 3 years, … Continued

High miles, high impact

Precious Jones

Most people don’t speak favorably of a car with high mileage because they are aware of the wear and tear on the vehicle. They’re aware that the vehicle has experienced many cold winters and unbearably hot summers, and at some … Continued

Angelo: Lifted by love

Joy Rosebrook

A year ago, Angelo was newly divorced and paying child support. Then he lost his apartment. Lost, stuck, and feeling alone and helpless, he happened to be walking by City Gospel Mission and stopped in. He has been on a journey toward connection … Continued