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A resolution for the new year that matters


As you take the time to reflect on life’s richest blessings for this New Year, what are some things that you would change?

While it is easy to focus on the things that we don’t have, what about the missed opportunities for service?

There is a young person counting on someone out there to live out their purpose as a mentor to him or her. It could be you.

God has gifted each of us with special talents and abilities that are to be shared. Regret is a powerful force. If we desire a life that is pleasing to God, He hears us and places us in circumstances in which this desire can manifest.

Think about who has influenced your life in a positive manner; who or where would you be without them? If we look at the life of Jesus and the Apostle Paul, we know that they greatly influenced those who were not only chronologically younger, but they mentored those who were spiritually younger in the faith.

This impact is still being studied, debated, and remembered over 2,000 years later!

New year, new opportunity

Have you thought about how your mentoring could be felt and appreciated for many years to come? If you make the decision to mentor a youth in this year in our Youth program, your influence will not only impact their current living situation, but their college/young adult years, and ultimately their marriages and children.

We at City Gospel Mission are encouraging you to make this year count in the life of a youth. God is counting on you to be His witness in this dark and dying world. Will you join us in helping the next generation? You can do this! We are here to partner with you.

Partner with our youth mentoring program

The City Gospel Mission youth mentoring program is looking for churches and individuals with which to partner. If your church has a calling to minister to Greater Cincinnati’s youth, please email us at to learn how you can make an impact in their lives.

Mrs. Antoinette H. Mosley (MDiv.), known as “Miss Toni” to her students, has served as a youth minister for over 20 years. She is the Volunteer Youth Mentor Manager of City Gospel Mission. She can be reached at

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