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You can be a compass for youth



It has been said that the world can be “a playground with no adult supervision.” Have you ever been in danger and didn’t know it at the time? How important is emotional security and safety, especially for youth?

A child is often unaware of the pitfalls, temptations, and lurking evils of this age. The importance of them having mentoring guidance in navigating this path cannot be overstated.

Think of a compass or GPS on a hiking trail; without one, it’s inevitable to become lost. God’s desire for us is that we include Him in our plans in addition to helping others to do the same.

How can you be a compass for a young person? Are you tired of the news reports about youth who continue to be troublemakers without purpose? Have you thrown in the towel when it comes to solutions in response to the problems in our schools and communities?

Once you say “yes” to wanting to help youth navigate the dangers of the world, join our mentoring program at City Gospel Mission. We will support and coach you in this endeavor every step of the way.

Who has been your compass to steer you where you are headed? Your gifts, talents, and presence are greatly needed in Greater Cincinnati. Will you consider how you can make a difference in the life of a youth? What young person will point to you as their compass? They are waiting on you!

Partner with our youth mentoring program

The City Gospel Mission youth mentoring program is looking for churches and individuals to partner with for the school year. If your church has a calling to minister to Greater Cincinnati’s youth, please email us at to learn how you can make an impact in their lives.

Mrs. Antoinette H. Mosley (MDiv.), known as “Miss Toni” to her students, has served as a youth minister for over 20 years. She is the Volunteer Youth Mentor Manager of City Gospel Mission. She can be reached at

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