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Youth Mentoring: This is How We Do It


We can talk at length about the generational problems in our world and how our young people are affected. They face ongoing struggles with violence, body image issues, racial unrest, economic woes, and a change of life due to a worldwide pandemic. What if I told you that there is a tangible, hands-on approach to combatting these problems? The mentoring program of City Gospel Mission is here to help do just that!

How We Stand out from Other Programs

City Gospel Mission’s Youth Mentoring program is an unapologetically Christ-centered program that intentionally partners with local churches to ensure the development of young people ages 6-18 in the following areas:

1. Physical
2. Mental
3. Social
4. Spiritual

How We Define a Success in the Life of a Youth

1. Being safe, healthy, and drug-free
2. Growing in love and respect for self and others
3. Having the knowledge to succeed in various environments
4. Becoming a growing disciple of Jesus

Our Definition of Mentoring

There is a need in Greater Cincinnati for youth mentors to help our young people become all that God desires. We understand and believe mentoring to be defined as a one-to-one relationship that includes friendship and discipleship and is guided by a healthy and spiritually balanced role model. We work with and serve local churches and para-church organizations to support these mentoring pairs through ongoing check-ins, training, and encouragement.

Our Vision

Our vision is that ultimately, every youth who desires to have a Christian mentor in Greater Cincinnati would receive one. To ensure safety, every volunteer is properly vetted, trained, and is asked to sign our Statement of Faith. It is also an expectation that all volunteers and staff are held accountable to consistent standards that follow a specific chain of command; this model supports them and the overall mission of the church.

Our Definition of Success

Here at CGM we have seen the transformation of many lives – youth and mentors alike. To be able to walk with students through tragedies and celebrate wins as you set them on a path of success is a feeling that is unmatched. Additionally, we are pleasing God when we help others to know Him and to make Him known in the world. Will you join us in impacting the course of a youth today?

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Mrs. Antoinette H. Mosley (MDiv.), known as “Miss Toni” to her students, has served as a youth minister for over 20 years. She is the Volunteer Youth Mentor Manager of City Gospel Mission. She can be reached at

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