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Jobs Van

Restore dignity to our homeless neighbors

The Jobs Van offers a positive alternative to panhandling. Giving someone the opportunity to work instead of panhandling gives them more than just an honest day’s wages. It gives them dignity. Helping restore someone’s dignity is one of our primary goals at City Gospel Mission.

4 days a week pick-ups are made in downtown Cincinnati and Over-the-Rhine. Participants engage in community beautification efforts and are provided a free lunch. At the end of their shift, they are paid $9/hour in cash for their labor.

The Jobs Van also allows us to get to know the men and women on street. Establish trust. And, ultimately, connect them with the resources that can change their lives long-term.

For additional information regarding the Jobs Van program, contact Jim Cira at (513) 345-1065. The Jobs Van is part of a larger initiative called GeneroCity 513 – a partnership between City Gospel Mission, Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services, Strategies to End Homelessness, 3CDC, and the City of Cincinnati.

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Your Impact

Just take a look at the kind of impact your gift to the Jobs Van makes:

  • $250 could keep the van running for one month.
  • $500 could keep the van going for two months.
  • $750 could provide meals for participants for one month.
  • $1,000 could cover the cost of gas, maintenance and meals for one month.

One woman who went on a Jobs Van outing was so moved by the experience that she left a voicemail for a staff member who drives the van. She said, “It was not about the money. It made me feel like a real person again. Sometimes people look at me as less than a person.”

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