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Today’s heroes: Our 2,500 volunteers

Thank you volunteers

Thank you volunteers

By Robin Wagner
Director of Volunteers, City Gospel Mission

During this national Volunteer Appreciation Week, we give our sincere thanks for each of you – over 2,500 strong – who give your time and effort to build into the lives of so many people who need uplifted. You are the bedrock of our organization, and the catalysts for the life-change and spiritual growth that happens every day at City Gospel Mission. You are God’s hands and heart in action.

Today’s heroes: Our 2,500 Volunteers

We have always known that City Gospel Mission has some of the best and most dedicated volunteers serving the men, women, and youth throughout our programs. We are so thankful for all of them, and hope that those who weren’t able to return yet due to the pandemic will be able to return soon (We miss you).

This week we have featured stories of volunteers who were determined to continue to help during a worldwide pandemic. Here are a few more.

We are in the process of bringing back volunteers in most areas, and we will continue to do so as everyone feels safe. But we really would like to say a special “Thank you” to those who helped our staff get through this past year, and made sure the people we serve knew that they were loved.

Thank you for your amazing generosity and dedication. We appreciate you and everything you do! God definitely watched over City Gospel Mission this past year. One of the ways was by sending you, as his angels!

To learn about the many ways you can volunteer at City Gospel Mission, click here.

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