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Mindi’s Story

Mindi used her many years as one of the girls participating in City Gospel Mission’s Princesses Ballet to give back when she became a successful adult. While leading a girls’ group at North College Hill Middle School, she began teaching a group step/dance routine that she choreographed.

“It has been such a blessing to have been a member of (Princesses Ballet) with all the confidence and diversity that I have been able to come away with,” Johnson says. “I remember the fun I had performing each year, and the confidence that it instilled in me to get up in front of all those people.”

That confidence helped her to go on to get a teaching degree.

“Much of what I am able to accomplish now I owe to the many working hands in and around (City Gospel Mission),” Mindi says. “I was once a child that they touched through their giving and now I am now a wife, and mother of two, a first generation college graduate and a homeowner. I thank (City Gospel Mission) for instilling in me work ethic and a drive to achieve. This is what I now wish for each of the girls in my group.”

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