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Makayla: A life changing career

When I was laid off at my job of two years in October 2015, I was terrified. I was making do with my savings, but I was going through that quickly. I didn’t know
what to do.

I got the job at Cincinnati Christian University right out of college there without interviewing, so I didn’t know how to interview or even know where to start
looking for a job. Just two days after being laid off, JobsPlus staff member Mike Hill told me I needed to come to JobsPlus.

I was nervous. Mike said, “Just come, it will be fine.” I attended classes and a career development seminar. They taught me how to create a résumé. No one had ever taught me that, even in high school and college. They taught me tips on how to interview.

JobsPlus has a relationship with Salvation Army, and Mike found out there was an open position and told me apply. Only a few months after first going to JobsPlus, I was hired at the Salvation Army.

Initially, I did not view it as a possible career. It was part-time. Now, it is a career. I love it here. I was recently promoted to Core Ministry Assistant and Director of After-school Programming and Summer Programming at the Cincinnati Citadel branch downtown.

I love talking to kids who need good role models and a safe place to be after school. They are learning to be good influencers, to make good decisions, and to change the communities they are living in.

I am an extremely faith-based person. So, I appreciate that at JobsPlus, God is a driving force. You can tell by the way they act and teach.

To this day, Mike and Associate Director Abe Woolfolk check in with me 2-3 times a year to make sure I’m doing well. I’ve even attended a JobsPlus event and board meeting to talk about my experience.

It’s just nice to know they are interested in my success as much as I am. And I’m very thankful.

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