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Demetrius: A job now – a career soon


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JobsPlus from City Gospel Mission visited my high school last August when I was a senior. They went over opportunities and talked about the importance of dressing for jobs you want and what skills you have to know in the workplace.

The program director, Mike Hill, is very charismatic. Later, he checked up on me and asked how they could help. I came down to JobsPlus and talked about jobs that fit my goals. I go to Cincinnati State and am in the culinary arts program.

JobsPlus helped me get a job at a restaurant, and I’m getting opportunities to do things that I need to learn for my college program.

I’m a very driven person. I am the first person in my family to go to college. It takes four years for my program, but I plan on getting it done in three.

I want to start out with a food truck to get my business under way, and later down the line own my own restaurant.

JobsPlus helps, especially when you are a student who can’t find a job. Students really don’t know how to go about looking for a job.

The most important thing for people who are looking for a job is that JobsPlus finds something that fits for you. Some people work jobs that don’t fit who they are, but JobsPlus finds the right fit.

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