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Whiz Kids Tutoring

Help provide tutoring for a child struggling in school

Tutoring has the power to boost children’s academic scores, create strong readers and improve confidence. But our volunteers become so much more than tutors. They become mentors, friends and positive role models that change the lives of children beyond the classroom. Our Whiz Kids Tutoring program is offered at no cost to participating children and their families. You can help provide life-changing tutoring and mentoring for an vulnerable child for just $42 a month or one hour a week of your time.

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Our Approach

Whiz Kids is a literacy-based, one-to-one tutoring and mentoring program that has been recognized as a “Best Practice Program” by the Ohio Governor’s office. We provide tutoring for 700 at-risk children at more than 40 locations in Greater Cincinnati. The average child in our program improves 3.5 reading curriculum levels each year. We work closely with local churches as they embrace a neighborhood public elementary school, develop relationships with school administrators, and provide tutors for the children. If you’d like to learn more about Whiz Kids, please contact Janean at

Stories of Hope

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