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Help a hurting man or woman overcome life controlling issues

You can change a life

We see heartache and brokenness in the eyes of the men and women who come to our recovery programs. But with those defeated emotions there is often a hopeful seeking… for something different, something better. Our residential recovery programs help renew their hope and rebuild their lives. With the help of caring people like you, we see God breaking the chains of addiction and freeing people to live fulfilling and joyous lives.

As many as 70 Greater Cincinnati area residents are overdosing on opioids every week. The statistics are only getting worse. Opioid deaths in Hamilton County have nearly doubled in just four years.

If we can get even one more person into this program, or save one more life, it will make all the difference. Please give now and change a life.

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Help Neighbors Beat Addiction and Find Recovery

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Addiction affects all of us — our families, friends and communities. Learn how you can help address this growing problem while supporting those in need of recovery. This one-page, easy-to-follow guide gives you a variety of ways to get involved and take action against addiction.


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Amanda continues to inspire

Amanda lost years of her life to her addiction. She alienated her family and even pushed her son away. She tried a few recovery programs, but she always relapsed.  Then, Amanda turned to City Gospel Mission where she discovered the transformational power of God’s love.

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Our Recovery Approach

Our residential recovery program is not a time-oriented process but a goal-oriented process. A typical stay is 12-24 months, but the participant’s individual goals and treatment plan determine the length of stay. Key components of our recovery program include: goal setting, accountability and support, spiritual development, inner healing, health and wellness, job readiness, personalized case management and life skills.

If you or someone you know might benefit from our program, learn more about the men’s program or women’s program and how to apply.

Stories of Hope

Brian overcomes rocky road to recovery

  When you meet Brian, his easygoing nature and slow drawl are endearing. It belies his rocky past. Addiction for Brian began at the age of 16 when alcohol became…

Ariel: ‘God has truly restored me’

I’ve been with the Having the Courage to Change women’s recovery program a little over 2 years. The staff definitely challenged me, every day. I’ve had some really tough times.…

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