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Success story 10 years in the making



Wilfredo has been involved with our youth programs for 10 years, from Whiz Kids, to Teen Impact to now Rising Scholars. Here is a snapshot of a conversation he had with our staff member Arturo Minera, who has been a close mentor to Wilfredo over the years:

Q: How would you describe yourself?
A: I was super unpredictable when I was a little kid. Now, I’m more playful and outgoing.

Q: How did the programs help you?
A: I started to think about the people I hang around with, people I shouldn’t be around. I started to lose them by high school. By 10th or 11th grade my grades went up. I left all of them and started to be myself and improve myself in general.

Q: Where do you think you’d be without the village that embraced you?
A: I might be like a bully, or a person who drops out of school and doesn’t care about education. I would be one of the those lost kids.

Q: Where are you now because of the support you’ve received.
A: I can trust and be open. I cherish the people around me. I’m about to graduate and join a project that will help me decide whether I want a job or want to go to college. … There is still more coming.

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