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Help women make a positive transition from a correctional center back to the community

JobsPlus assists the residents at River City Correctional Center in making a positive transition back into the community through affirming personal relationships and access to JobsPlus resources. Moving from a correctional facility to freedom is a chance for a new beginning, but the transition is often difficult. Individuals may have many elements of basic life to re-establish – living situation, employment and re-engaging with family and friends. Mentoring helps women re-invent a future supported by kindness and encouragement. Participants are paired one-to-one with a mentor who helps them in their transition. Could you be a positive role model and encouraging friend to a non-violent offender as she re-enters the community?


Our mentoring focuses on building relationships and meeting spiritual and emotional needs of residents at River City. Over 50 woman in the program focus on goal-setting that leads to self-sufficiency and personal advancement during and after their transition from River City into the community. The relationship begins 2-4 months before release and continues up to one year at a minimum after release.

Become a Mentor

Anyone who cares about helping someone re-integrate into society successfully and is more than 21 years old can be a mentor. Learn more about mentoring responsibilities and complete a Volunteer Application or contact Director of JobsPlus Mentoring Carol Posthuma at

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