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Jeremiah Scholars

A plan to prosper and give hope

Jeremiah Scholars is a partnership between City Gospel Mission and private donors committed to helping students break the cycle of generational poverty. We invest in young adults in financial need who come from backgrounds and communities where educational and life-skill success have greater obstacles. A trained, volunteer mentor is assigned to the recipient to walk with them throughout their journey. The Jeremiah Scholars Program reflects the heart of Jeremiah 29:11 to create “A plan to prosper and give hope” to all recipients. The goal is for Scholars to graduate – from college or trade school – with a clear path to a successful career with greatly reduced or even eliminated financial burdens while growing in their faith in the Lord.


Your tax-deductible contribution goes directly to helping young men and women reach their fullest potential.

Making a Difference

Scholars receive an education that results in meaningful employment opportunities after graduation. They also benefit from training and guidance in developing life skills, and from regular interaction with approved and trained mentors who reflect those important skills. During their time as a Jeremiah Scholar, the student’s Christian walk will be reinforced through charitable service to local communities and churches.

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