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Hot Meals

Feed and care for the hungry, just $2.04 for a meal and more

Just $2.04 is all it takes to give a warm meal and care to a person who is hungry, homeless or hurting. It’s such a small amount – but it has the power to change a life. To a person experiencing homelessness, it’s more than a meal. It’s hope.

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Your Impact

Your support helps provide more than 96,600 nutritious meals each year.

Esteban came to City Gospel Mission to break the bond of addiction. His healing journey started with a simple meal. “Now that you have a meal on the table, it’s like, ‘Thank you God,’ because I went from digging in the trash to sitting down with my brothers around the table.”

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More than a meal

Every day, we serve hot breakfast, lunch and dinner to more than 100 guests who are homeless and hungry. Our volunteers sit down with our guests to share the meal, friendship and hope. Often, a meal served with kindness is the first step on the road to recovery for the men and women we serve.

Stories of Hope

The eyes of homelessness: pain and hope

  Homelessness is hard to look at. But we must do it to understand. Often, when we see a homeless person, it’s easy to not think about what happened for…

Armsberry: No more worrying about sleeping outside

  I’ve experienced homelessness off and on for the past 10 years. I had relapsed after being clean for 19 months. Homelessness, it’s depressing. It can make you feel like…

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