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Holiday Programs

Help low-income families celebrate the holidays

Many struggling parents in Cincinnati want to make Christmas and Thanksgiving special for their families but can’t afford to buy full-priced food and gifts. City Gospel Mission’s Holiday programs offer a Thanksgiving grocery store and a Christmas gift store for people with low-incomes. Parents and caregivers get to experience the dignity of providing for their families by having choices and buying in to their blessing.

Will you help share Christ’s love to families in need this holiday season? Food, toys, children’s clothing and more are needed to make this possible.

Thanksgiving Donation Christmas Donation Volunteer


Ways you can help for Thanksgiving

Each year at our Thanksgiving Exchange, over 550 low-income families count on our help to provide a Thanksgiving meal. Providing for that many families requires thousands of donated food items as well as the money to purchase what is not donated. Here’s how you can help:

Ways you can help for Christmas

Each year at our Christmas Store, over 350 low-income parents shop for gifts for more than 1,200 children. You can help make this possible:

Our Approach

Our Holiday programs are always in partnership with churches because we believe that a year-round relationship with our shoppers is important. Partner churches identify families in need in their congregation and connect them with our Holiday programs. We ask shoppers to pay a small fee for the Christmas gifts and Thanksgiving groceries so they have the dignity of ownership and providing for their families.

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