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Holiday Programs

You can help low-income families celebrate the holidays with dignity and without wrecking their tight budget.

Help a Family this Holiday Season!

Many parents and caregivers in Greater Cincinnati want to make the holidays special for their families but can’t afford food for a Thanksgiving meal or presents for children at Christmas.

When you give to our Thanksgiving Exchange and Christmas Store, you will bless them by ensuring they have the dignity of providing for their families at a minimal cost to them for a full meal and presents for each child 

Will you help share Christ’s love to a family in need this holiday season?


Help a family celebrate Thanksgiving!

The Thanksgiving Exchange is a grocery store for our neighbors with very low-incomes. Referred by local churches and community organizers, participants pay $10 to shop for their Thanksgiving groceries. The Exchange empowers shoppers to celebrate Thanksgiving without destroying their tight budgets. Providing for them will require the donation of thousands of specific food items as well as money to purchase what is not donated.

Sign Up to Donate Food Items to the Thanksgiving Exchange

Donate to the Thanksgiving Exchange

Volunteer to Serve at the Thanksgiving Exchange

Volunteer Registration Opens on October 9th.


Help a family celebrate Christmas!

Donate to the Christmas Store

Volunteer to Serve at the Christmas Store

Volunteer Registration Opens on October 9th.

Download the Christmas Store Wish List

What would you choose? Your child’s well being or financial stability?

For Glenda, it wasn’t an easy one, but she knew quitting her job and homeschooling her son was the right decision. If COVID has taught us one thing, it’s that homeschooling is no cake walk. Glenda took on the challenge because she refused to sit on the sidelines and watch her capable son struggle academically and socially. Glenda wasn’t alone in making this decision for her family. Her husband Kenny was incredibly supportive and took on more even work to try and fill the gaps in their budget.

Their decision to prioritize their children left them with a very tight budget. To provide their kids presents at Christmas, they would save up Happy Meal toys throughout the year. This is all they could afford without a heavy burden on their tight monthly budget.

Through a friend at her church, Glenda heard about the Christmas Store. When she got home she talked to her husband Kenny about it. His first question was, “Is it free?” She replied, “No, we have to pay $5.” Kenny was all in. He wasn’t willing to accept charity. He wanted to contribute. Glenda and Kenny agreed to participate because it was a store, not a handout.

For the price of $5, Glenda and Kenny could feel the pride and joy of providing an unforgettable Christmas for their kids, while not putting their monthly budget at risk.

Every year incredible families like this are hearing about the Holiday Programs at City Gospel Mission through their churches. God is moving in this place. He is breaking the cycle of poverty and despair… one life at a time. Will you join Him in what He is doing this holiday season? 

This holiday season, Glenda and her family will serve at the Christmas Store as they have every year since their first Christmas Store visit, over 30 years ago.

Our Approach

CGM’s Holiday projects are conducted in partnership with churches. Our aim is to support the holistic year-round care people receive through their local church. Our church partners register people they know need help. CGM’s Thanksgiving Exchange and Christmas Store empower those shoppers to celebrate the holidays with their families and friends at a price that won’t destroy their tight budgets.

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