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Partner with us to find your next great employee

If you are looking for your next great employee, JobsPlus can help as your no-cost human resources department. Since 1994, we have empowered local companies with more than 3,000 quality employees. We equip our graduates with the tools to succeed on the job and in life. We evaluate the skills and work history of each of our clients and place them into one of two unique job readiness programs.

Our Traditional program equips people who have faced life challenges and have limited work histories.

Our Fast Track program equips advanced clients with a positive work history, no felonies, a high school diploma, GED equivalent or higher degrees, a driver’s license and basic computer skills.

In both cases, our Christian-based approach focuses on character and spiritual growth in addition to practical job training and job search assistance.

“We want to dispel the myth that we only help people with life challenges, legal and personal,” says VP of JobsPlus Abe Woolfolk. “We have some employers who might not partner with us because they think those are the only individuals we serve. Those individuals will always be important to us, but we want people to know we help everyone.”

Our goal is to provide local businesses with quality employees and surround those employees with a network of support to ensure their success long after they leave us.

Employers often comment how gratifying it is to hire an individual who is working hard to turn their life around. They also appreciate the partnership available to them through JobsPlus, because they know that if issues arise, we will work to address them together.

The hiring process

JobsPlus is a job readiness program, not an employment agency. We believe that the process of interviewing for a job is essential for our clients, and is necessary to establish the right employer/employee relationship. Therefore, we do not ask you to shorten your hiring process for our clients. Our role is to send you qualified individuals to interview, and to prepare them for the interview process. We teach our clients that interviewing is a learning experience, even when they are not hired. We encourage employers to give our clients feedback on their interview to help them be better prepared in the future.

Jobs we train for

Here are just some positions JobsPlus clients can fill:

Success stories

Watch Nehemiah Manufacturing’s CEO discuss his partnership with JobsPlus and how it syncs with his desire to change lives while building his business.

Read how Makayla found not just a job, but a career.

Learn more

To learn more about partnering with us, please contact us at (513) 241-1800 or


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