Neighborhood Canvassing

For nearly 100 years, City Gospel Mission’s supporters have worked to help the homeless and hurting break the cycle of poverty. We bring them in, give them a warm meal and a place to feel safe. We treat them with the love, respect and kindness they need to feel whole again, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. We give them the tools they need to achieve long-term life transformation and self-sufficiency.

Unfortunately, we’re facing a crisis. Here in Greater Cincinnati, 1,600 men, women and children will have nowhere to go tonight. They’ll go without basic necessities like a meal, shower, clean clothes and a safe place to sleep. We are asking for support from our generous neighbors to help fund important programs that provide food and shelter, addiction recovery, jobs and youth programs.

Threshold Giving, an authorized fundraiser for City Gospel Mission, will be visiting neighborhoods in the Greater Cincinnati area to ask for help on our behalf and to raise awareness about this serious problem. Threshold Giving employs paid representatives to help, but 100% of donations are deposited to City Gospel Mission. We will be canvassing Monday through Saturday throughout the city.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There’s a person knocking on doors in my neighborhood asking to help on behalf of City Gospel Mission. Is that a program of yours?

Yes, we are visiting people in Greater Cincinnati to bring awareness of our fight to end homelessness and suffering in our community. The person you saw is helping us gain more supporters so we can have an even bigger impact in the future. All paid representatives of Threshold Giving have met the requirements to work on behalf of City Gospel Mission in accordance with all local laws and regulations regarding solicitation efforts specific to the state or township.

You can contact us directly with questions or concerns. Email Paul Spence at or call us between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. at (513) 345-1048.

How does the Face-to-Face Fundraising Campaign work?

The City Gospel Mission canvassers wear a branded shirt or outerwear and will have a clearly visible City Gospel Mission-branded photo ID badge.

Each canvasser also carries an iPad with a City Gospel Mission-branded dashboard and application page. Canvassers visit with community members at their door or on the street to discuss City Gospel Mission programs, such as our Hope Starts with a Meal campaign. They request monthly donations by credit card. We ask donors who would like to become supporters to provide personal information and credit card details. Our canvassers input the information into iPads. Contributions are then processed immediately via a secure server, a process that is Payment Card Industry (“PCI”) compliant. The new supporter then receives a welcome email and/or text message. The welcome email also includes contact information. Our fundraisers will never ask for or accept cash, and your contribution is made under the strictest credit card compliance rules.

How much of my donation will go to City Gospel Mission, and how much will be retained by your company?

If you choose to make a gift, 100% of your donation goes to City Gospel Mission. Threshold Giving is paid a flat fee based on the number and quality of donations they secure — in a similar fashion to other marketing channels we use such as direct mail and telemarketing.

How is my gift used?

Your donation(s) will be used wherever it is needed most to help our neighbors who are homeless or underserved. City Gospel Mission collaborates with more than 350 local churches and 2,500 volunteers to annually serve more than 6,800 adults and 3,500 youth.

Thank you so much for supporting City Gospel Mission and for being a hero to your community. If you have further questions, please email Paul Spence at or call (513) 345-1048.

A monthly gift is all it takes to support people in need, help end homelessness and suffering, and create strong, healthy communities throughout Greater Cincinnati.

Hope starts with a meal.