Help a man or woman make a positive transition from a correctional center back to the community

JobsPlus assists the residents at River City Correctional Center in making a positive transition back into the community through affirming personal relationships and access to JobsPlus resources. Moving from a correctional facility to freedom is a chance for a new beginning, but the transition is often difficult. Individuals may have many elements of basic life to re-establish – living situation, employment and re-engaging with family and friends. Mentoring helps provide a new opportunity to re-invent a future supported by kindness and encouragement. Participants are paired one-to-one with a mentor who helps them in their transition. Could you be a positive role model and encouraging friend to a non-violent offender as he or she re-enters the community?

Our Impact

By the Numbers

Our JobsPlus inmate mentoring program is equipping over 100 men and women at River City Correctional Center for success spiritually and professionally through more than 70 volunteer mentors.

The Story of One

Eddie“It seemed like everybody was leaving my side. But Sam stuck in there with me,” says Eddie. Sam, Eddie’s mentor, visited him in seven jails, working tirelessly to get him to change, faithfully breathing the word of God into him. Read Eddie’s story.

Our Approach

The mentoring relationship focuses on building relationships and meeting spiritual and emotional needs of inmates at River City, and focusing on goal-setting that leads to self-sufficiency and personal advancement during and after their transition from River City into the community. The relationship begins 2-4 months before release and continues up to one year at a minimum after release.

Anyone who cares about inmates and their families and is more than 21 years old can be a mentor. Learn more about mentoring responsibilities and complete a Volunteer Application or contact Director of JobsPlus Mentoring Carol Posthuma at