Thank you for your interest in becoming a mentor! If you are a Whiz Kids tutor and have been working with your youth for four months or more, you may be eligible to mentor them through City Gospel Mission’s faith-based mentoring program.


Please pray about your commitment to become a mentor. It is critical that you do not begin a mentoring relationship unless you have the time, energy, and commitment to fulfill this relationship with your mentee. A mentoring commitment is:

  • 1 year, 1-3 hours per week (renewable yearly)
  • Speak to and meet with your Volunteer Mentor Coach once a quarter for encouragement, support and prayer
  • Complete an online evaluation once a quarter (the ENDS: Life Transformation Roadmap)

Mentor Application Process

  1. Email our Director of Mentoring and Youth Development at with: First and Last Name, Whiz Kids Site you tutor through, length you have been tutoring, your gender and the gender of the youth you are tutoring
  2. The Director of Mentoring will then send you a link for the mentoring opportunity at your site. You’ll complete your application, which includes confirming your alignment to the Statement of Faith as well as a background check and references.
  3. Once you clear the background check (usually 1-2 weeks afterwards): a) We conduct a Home Visit at your home with your coach. b) you attend New Mentor Training at City Gospel Mission
  4. We have a Match Meeting with you, the youth and their family to level-set the expectations for the mentoring relationship moving forward (and fill-out important documents regarding the youth).