Tim Curtis

A priceless Christmas gift

This Christmas will have extra special meaning for Tracy. She gets to enjoy it with the five children she had to give up for adoption because of addiction.

“It will be the first Christmas I get to spend with them. I’m lost for words. It’s very exciting.”

Because she has been sober the past 3 years, the two families who adopted Tracy’s children have invited her to spend the day with them. She’s thrilled, and a bit nervous. But above all, she knows she is blessed and is sincerely grateful.

“I just have to thank God. He hand-picked me out of that darkness.”

At the depth of her addiction, Tracy found herself living in Over-the-Rhine 5 years ago homeless and penniless.

“I remember I used to pray to die. I’d be like, ‘God, I’m ready. I can’t do it anymore.’ I would get beat up, robbed. I was like, ‘God, just take me, now.’ …”

“And then it was almost like an angel would step in and pick me up.”

One day, after getting pregnant again, Tracy said to herself, “No more.” She had already lost 5 kids. “I never even got to bring them home from the hospital.” She remembers the words of hospital social workers: “You will never bring a baby home.” This time, determined, she did. She went to rehab, got sober and hasn’t looked back.

“I try to be the best mom now. I am just so motivated because I lost that chance with 5 of my other kids.”

Tracy’s life has been one blessing after another the past three years. She was hired at a local ministry, where is the children’s coordinator. She’s starting bible college in January. She gives back by volunteering with her church to help women recover from addiction. “God can do anything.”

Now she has a chance to enjoy a relationship with the children she lost many years ago.

And our Christmas Store is playing a “huge part” in that process according to Tracy. “This year, when they invited me, I thought, ‘How am I going to be able to get them gifts?’ … Now all of my kids have like three gifts.” She, and more than 250 other families in need, were able to get gifts for more than 900 children because of generous donations to the Store.

The gifts were nice, but they are not what she appreciates most. As she picked out gifts, a Christmas Store volunteer gently embraced her to pray with her and for her. Tracy teared up as they shared this tender moment. “Out of everything, that was the best.”

How fitting that an even more special moment awaits on the day we celebrate the best moment the entire world has ever experienced.

Tim Curtis is Communications Director with City Gospel Mission. He can be reached at tcurtis@citygospelmission.org.

15 Responses to “A priceless Christmas gift”

  1. Angela Allen

    Thank you for sharing Tracy’s wonderful story of redemption and reconciliation, Tim. I’m praying God continues His work in her life and in the lives of her children. May He bless their Christmas together!

  2. Danielle Hickey

    We have been friends since 7 th grade and lost touch all the years but lost touch after we graduated until u came home explaining to me u were clean and just had baby justice ,when I saw you it was like we never lost touch ,after all those years no awkwardness and I was just so happy she was doing now what I always said she would be great at which is motherhood ,u are an inspirAtion to so many people who suffer ,if u can do this after all u been through anyone can ,love u


    We have known Tracy for several year’s and through God we have been part of her journey. I had never been apart of someone’s life that had gone through such tragedy and came out the other side with such a LOVE for God and other’s. She choose life for her children and that gift of life is now a wonderful little boy. God has truly blessed all of us with the children that she choose to give life.
    She is truly an inspiration to all who know her.
    We love you Tracy,
    The Willis Family!!!

  4. Rich

    Tracy, you are such a blessing and an encouragement. I feel honored to be part of your beautiful story. Merry Christmas.

  5. chrys Lancaster

    Tracy I know how good God is and your story make a me smile ,knowing you dud it ,I remember sitting in a meeting with you years ago and hoping then you would get it but it wasn’t the time ,you really are an inspiration and placed by God as a vessel to help other addicts ,so happy for you ,you r so beautiful and it shines on you keep it up the sky is the limit

  6. Suzanne. Taylor

    Praise Jesus through him all is possible! Tracy I’m truly blessed to have had you as a sister my entire life now my sober sister. Only by Gods grace we both our in recovery and loving and living life. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us Im truly proud of you.. Your always been such a beautifully blessed woman and you deserve this time with your children such a amazing blessing!! Im so happy for you. One day at a time TT love u for life xoxo

  7. Kelly Jeffers

    God truly can do anything. I love seeing your life today, it is a beautiful testimony of grace, mercy and restoration.

  8. Joyce

    Tracy, You don’t know me but I know you through my sister-in-law. She speaks such kind and caring words about you. She tells of how you have grown stronger in the Lord. What a mighty testimony you have. May God continue to bless you.


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